NZ since 1989.

Harrier Exports is one of New Zealand's most discerning food export companies, we service the Pacific, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.

We pride ourselves on our service, consistency, flexibility and premium-quality.

We offer our local and international clientele a year-round supply of retail cuts, produce and seafood, either chilled or frozen, be it by sea or air.

Why choose Harrier?

Harrier Exports Ltd has a trusted all year round global supply chain from many continents around the world.We are always looking to maintain consistent supply of our customers requirements and needs for all seasons throughout the year.

Our long-standing relationships built up over many years with all our suppliers are frequently monitored to ensure the highest quality is provided. We are constantly looking for new exciting opportunities within other potential supply partners to maintain and diversify our product selections and offerings to our customers.

Prior to exporting any goods from any port in the global market, our quality assurance team guarantees the highest quality of all the products we provide to ensure customers receive the goods in the best condition. Request for industry standard certificates will be provided upon including Halal certification.


Our Products


Much of the Beef we provide is grass-fed and is raised on lush, free-range natural pastures. These healthy, stress-free environments enable us to produce the best Beef nature can offer. Well-defined muscling and marbling, nutritious, flavoursome, tender and hormone-free aged prime steer.

We also source Beef from other parts of the word including Australia, South American and Europe.



We offer the highest-quality cuts of lamb available from around the world during certain seasons. New Zealand lamb is raised on New Zealand’s fertile green plains and rolling hills, our ‘Finest New Zealand Lamb’ range is a culinary delight, lean, succulent and tender.



Veal has always been sought after for its tenderness and subtle taste. We are delighted to offer this gourmet product to the world’s connoisseurs and adventurous consumers.



If you are looking for that rich game-meat flavour, we have just the thing for you. Our range of Venison products will have something for everyone, either chilled or frozen,retail or restaurant.



A specialised and limited meat category, sort after in many markets. We are proud to offer a wide range of products, Halal / USDA and EU approved for the concerning chef or consumer.



Meat and Bone Meal (MBM), Blood Meal (BM) and Tallow are all products of the rendering industry. It is primarily used in the formulation of animal feed to improve the amino acid profile of the feed.



From Apples to Zucchinis, we source and supply the freshest produce globally. Delivered fresh or frozen via sea or air, we ensure the finest products are delivered.



New Zealand has the largest Dairy exports in the World.
Harrier Exports Ltd has specialised in exporting Dairy Products for the past 33years, we welcome your inquiry and sharing the unique flavour New Zealand has to offer.



Chicken and other Poultry cuts have always been a favourite choice at mealtime. We are proud to be able to supply a vast range of Poultry products from New Zealand and other markets around the globe.



Stocks running low? Needing fresh new ideas, or maybe an alternative specification and brand. We are happy to assist with an in depth range of FMCG products for your consideration.



New Zealand’s surrounding seas and oceans are the purest on the planet. From these waters we are excited to offer an extensive range of whole or filleted species, crustaceans and other seafood delights.